Archives I have been consulted. #310 #311 Archivo Capitular de Mallorca and Archivo Diocesano de Mallorca

I had never before been on an island until last year. Not counting the Isla de la Cartuja in Seville, or the Isla de León, in Cadiz, the first time that I set foot island was in January 2013, when I flew to Mallorca; and a few months later I did at La Palma, in the Canary Islands. On some archives from this last island I will write in a next post; today I will do it on the two ecclesiastical archives that I consulted in the first. Continue reading


Genealogy and museums (and V). Museums as centers of disclosure.

In order to conclude the series of posts about Genealogy and Museums, initiated a few days ago, I am considering the idea of the museums as centers of disclosure. Continue reading

Genealogy and Museums (IV). CERES, the “PARES” of the museums.

How can I find information on the Spanish museums? Do I have to walk by the museums of fine arts to find out if there is a picture of such a great-grandfather that was portrayed, or who was the painter, during  the 19th century? Continue reading

Genealogy and Museums (III). Museums, a source of information for genealogical research.

The short walk we gave this week by the Museo del Ejército (Spanish Army Museum) guided by a few descendants of the lineage of Tejada was not intended to become a brief guide for other few relatives that, faced with a possible visit, would chose these lines to get into the Museum. Continue reading

Genealogy and museums (II). Descendants of the lineage of Tejada in the Spanish Army Museum.

The outstanding participation of D. Sancho de Tejada in the legendary battle of Clavijo (844) provoked that, according to tradition in the privilege granted by Enrique IV in 1460, Ramiro I granted him with two manors, Tejada and Valdeosera, both of them nestled in the Sierra de Cameros, La Rioja, Spain, and a coat of arms, which his descendants, generation after generation, have been behaving with pride for centuries. Continue reading

Genealogy and Museums (I). About a professional genealogist in the Spanish Army Museum.

The idea of writing this article, first published in 2010 in Cuadernos de Genealogía, the review of the Asociación de Genealogía Hispana, HISPAGEN (Hispanic Genealogy Association), and that it has seen the light of day again in five posts, but it was born when the winter of 2010 was noted between the thick walls of the Alcázar of Toledo, now converted into Museo del Ejército (Spanish Army Museum), but the article had begun to take shape in the beginnings of the spring in Toledo. Continue reading

Archives I have been consulted #235 Bollullos de la Mitacion Municipal Archives

I have been working for several weeks on a research paper on the history of the chapel de Cuatrovitas, located in the municipal term of Bollullos de la Mitacion that belongs to the province of Seville, and the “Most Illustrious, Very Old and Fervent Brotherhood of Crowned Santa Maria of Cuatrovitas” (Muy Ilustre, Muy Antigua y Fervorosa Hermandad de Santa María de Cuatrovitas Coronada). For this reason, I am dealing with the Early Modern Period’s documentation preserved in the Bollullos de la Mitacion Municipal Archives (Archivo Municipal de Bollullos de la Mitación) and that, despite being very scarce, has brought me a very pleasant surprise. Continue reading